Planet Coaster – Spring Update Brings New Fun!

Are you ready to spruce up your Theme Park with a little spring cleaning? How about upgrading with some new rides and features? Planet Coaster from Frontier Developments just launched the game’s Spring Update and with it comes a slew of new rides, features, and of course the obligatory bug features.

Some new coasters and flat rides make an appearance, but perhaps most exciting is the new Go-Carts. You will be able to use a powerful track editor that will allow you to build the race-track of your dreams. This, of course, adds another layer to the games already amazing customization and an all new way to keep visitors emptying their wallets!

Planet Coaster

Along with the exciting new rides, some of the new features look to add another layer of depth into the park management sim going on behind the scenes. The most exciting of these new systems is the Crime and Security update.

Guests who become dissatisfied with your park may turn to vandalism and even crime, pickpocketing other guests. You will use security staff and cameras to keep your park safe and happy.

There is also three new scenarios for you to play through along with additional building pieces and larger blueprints to allow you to build the park the way you want it.

With all the new additions there looks to be plenty to keep armchair theme park enthusiasts going for some time. Head on over to the Planet Coaster website to check out the full list of changes and updates and we will see you at the park!

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