How do I volunteer in my community?

Visit https://stack-up.org/services/the-stacks/ to learn about the Stacks Progam.

How can I join your Twitch Stream Team?

Visit https://stack-up.org/streamer-sign-up/ and sign up to stream on our Twitch channel.

Where can I find information on what to donate?

You can find information about what and how to donate physical goods and other ways to give by visiting https://stack-up.org/help/

I'd like to offer my professional skills, how do I do that?

We are always looking for people who can create content for us. We are presently looking for graphic designers to help with promotional graphics for our events, on social media and other content. Please submit your resume and a link to your portfolio to contact (at) stack-up.org and someone will get back to you ASAP.

I'd like to do a streaming marathon for you to raise money. How do I sign up?

Easy! Visit https://stack-up.org/call-to-arms-2017-everything-you-need-to-know/ and get all the Intel!

Don’t Live Stream? You don’t have to! You can have offline events as well! One of our largest events from 2016 was someone who was updating us in photos on Twitter during a 24-hour lock-in event they held at their house!

I'm a game developer/studio looking to get involved with you. Where can I find information about sponsoring your organization?

Thank you so much for wanting to help us provide relief to veterans and troops deployed with the therapeutic power of video games. We have a sponsorship program in place just for you. Please visit https://stack-up.org/become-a-sponsor/ to learn more.

My question isn't answered here, what do I do?

Please fill out the contact form below and someone will bet back to you ASAP!

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